Why Hemp

Cos its Dope

Hemp is a no-brainer, we at Grumpysuns get really excited about it. It’s a sexy superhero in our eyes and could do a lot to help save us from the wrath of mother earth.

Hemp can replace many of the harmful materials that are destroying the planet, and while it grows, it does a great job of rejuvenating the soil as well as being boss’ dogging at sucking up Co2.

It can grow virtually anywhere in many diverse climates while requiring bugger all water to grow. In the past Hemp was used all the time in everyday life, for example up until the 1800’s you could do your taxes in the biomatter. Back in those days, everything had been made from hemp, schoolbooks, maps, charts, beer boxes and very importantly the sails that helped us discover the far corners of the globe (lol flat world). You name it; Hemp was probably all over it. Even Henry Ford’s first production car the model T ran off hemp biofuel, but the oldest evidence of hemp industrialisation is a small piece of cloth thought to date back to around 8000bc.

Hemp has thousands of uses, hempcrete is a loose piece of kit, apart from the environmental benefits it also is fire resistant and doesn’t mould.

On the superfood buzz, it blows other superfood seeds like flax and chia seeds out of the water. It also amazingly contains a nutrient called gamma-linolenic acid which is also found in breast milk! Talk about mother nature, am I right.

An American government study found that an acre of hemp produces the same amount of biomass as 4.1 acres of trees. In comparison to cotton, hemp is 6 x stronger, is mould resistant and also helps with body odour.

Whether you wear it, eat it, or write a fantastic novel with it we hope we have convinced you to join the revolution and make a genuine difference in the world.

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