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Cam McDermid

Good friend Cam Mcdermid represents many brands and organisations with his professional and sometimes dangerous skiing. Not only a skier, but Cam is also experienced in many things including innovated sustainable architecture and amazing photography. Cam showcases his skiing through many windows including a non-profit organisation called ‘all us in Winterland’; a non-profit organisation to showcase hidden local talent through films and overseas trips.


Tomoki Peters and Majick Templeton

A one-off online instalment of south island skateboarding filmed over 3 months during 2017.
Matthieu Lucas, Pj Wybrow, Roscoe Moore, Stacy Cooper, Hamish Morgan, Taine Darroch, Cole McDonald, Jordan McStay, Pat Flanagan, Ollie Browning, Chunks Norton, Vincent Bolt, Fyffe Tarres, Hunter Moore, Max Thompson, Majick Templeton, Brodie Shelton, David Chen, Billy Mclachlan, Matt Markland and Tomoki Peters

Tyler Brooker

Tyler Brooker and his friends sharing their loosest videos with us. Tyler Brooker, formerly from Christchurch shredding  Queenstown. Recently coming, 12th – Gravity Canterbury Summer DH Series, 10th – Gravity Canterbury Summer DH Series, 16th – Oceania DH Championship, 3rd – Gravity Canterbury Summer DH Series, 33rd – Gravity Canterbury Summer DH Series