W E A R I N G   U S


Nick Rado

Fun Facts About Nick Rado

He was the executive producer for the Heart radio breakfast show in London with Emma Bunton (Baby Spice)

Nick once farted in front of Mariah Carey.

Rado’s wife is a Yoga teacher and was the face for Wanderlust, He does/attempts Yoga every week.

Nick set up a swim school with his mate Liam when he was 19 called the ‘Titanic Swim School – It was closed down by the Porirua city council as it was deemed inappropriate.

Jerry Springer gave Rado the best advice he’s ever had.

Nick has played on the same piano as Prince (The artist formerly known as) just weeks before he passed away.

Rado has a son who can’t say ‘yes’ he says Yeahya like a gangster rapper … he’s two.

Nick met his wife whilst on stage doing comedy.

Rado’s written over 150 episodes for TV3’s 7 Days.

Nick dropped out of his degree in Business Computing to pursue a career in Radio.  He’s now a full time stand up comedian.

Rado’s performed stand up at the All Black vs Australia Bledisloe cup breakfast in front of 300 NZ and Wallaby legends, he made loads of jokes about Welsh referee Nigel Owens … whilst not realising Nigel Owen’s was there.

David Correos

A meteoric act in the NZ comedy scene, the Filipino comic recently won the 2016 Billy T James award.David grew up in Christchurch and after deciding to stand up comedy and performing arts was the career he wanted to pursue, David moved to Auckland in 2014 and has been making big strides since the move including being given the “Comic Originality” award at the 2015 Comedy Guild Awards.His style of comedy can be described as a big ball of manic energy that even his body can’t keep up with.

“David Correos, seems only to have to stand there to get laughs” – Theatreview (Aotearoha: Rising Stars)
His energetic performance leaves him panting for air and the audience begging for more. – Metromag
A one-man circus who will do practically anything to entertain an audience for the genuine love of it.- Theatrescenes