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Who are we?

The world seems to have a sticky gearbox and is fanging away in fifth gear with no wing mirrors about to recognise our demise. At Grumpysuns, we like to think that most people, especially of the younger generation, are coming round to the fact that climate change and the evils of globalisation are a serious and immediate threat to humanity. The clothing industry is a serious culprit to the detriment that is inequality and is something that we are very passionate about changing.


Firstly in terms of the environment, all of our clothing garments are made of a blend of organic cotton and hemp (45% / 55%). Unfortunately, New Zealand is only really catching on to the Hemp evolution and out manufacturer is based in China. Despite this stigma, our manufacturer is part of the conscious movement towards a better future. We also have plans under the new government to eventually use NZ grown hemp to manufacture and produce our garments in Hawkes Bay, by friends of ours working hard in the hemp industry to provide the material in the future,  and because, thuggin aye Hawkes Bay. This will one day be an ideal situation to be able to keep an eye on everything as well as bringing jobs to New Zealanders.


Because if we don’t, who will? We are sick of trying to influence people through our words and have realised that only by being proactive will humanity be saved. Not that we are going to single-handedly save the world but our efforts will definitely make a difference and hopefully will kick a few other peoples arses into gear with our good vibes. And if you needed one last reason as to why to support us and our product, well we love to throw down dance party parties and the bigger we get the bigger and better our parties will become. So how ya gaan, hows ya father and enjoy your thuggin day ya filthy animals.


The True Cost


 We highly recommend you have a watch of the full documentary.

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