About Us

We are the dude who reminds everyone to recycle their empties at the party despite the subsequent banter we will receive, we are that stink-eye that you get when you throw your ciggy butt on the ground, and we are that hangover cure, coconut milk cappuccino with extra vegan, after a hectic night in town.

Yes, we are just so caring, dependable, and awesome. We also write cheesy analogies to sell you our apparel. And when we aren’t doing that, Grumpysuns are designing and making quality clothing and hats made of organic cotton and hemp materials. Grumpysuns does its best to make conscious decisions towards the future of the environment and humanity relative to the options available at any one time in the industry. Our products are either made here in New Zealand, by means of Fairtrade and in factories reputable for their ethical materials.

Grumpysuns makes high quality environmentally sustainable clothing for the purpose of protecting the environment and the people that are involved in the industries. If this is something you remain completely ignorant to, we recommend you watch the documentary below.

The True Cost


 We highly recommend you have a watch of the full documentary.

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